Our Services
What we do

We are experienced in finding practical and alternative design solutions and preparing documents to best represent our clients.

With a vast knowledge of the range of issues involved in development assessment, we can provide you with sound advice on development feasibility, planning controls and property and development
related issues.

We adopt a 'big picture' and creative approach to planning projects, particularly for unusual and challenging sites.

“Good plans shape good decisions.
Good planning helps make elusive dreams come true.”
Lester Robert Bittel

Our Services

    • Initial advice on feasibility, compliance and the merit
      of a development proposal
    • Preparation and management of applications
    • Preparation of supporting reports such as Statements
      of Environmental Effects and 'Clause 4.6 Variations' (Development Standards)
    • Detailed environmental and town planning advice
      on small and large developments, zoning controls,
      subdivision and dual occupancy, residential flat development,
      and commercial and industrial development
    • Advice on existing use rights and the development
      of environmentally sensitive land
    • Liaison and consultation with local and state government authorities
    • Indepenent reviews and assessment of applications for Local Government
    • Preparing for and attending application advisory meetings
    • Rezoning advice and applications
    • Technically sound and pragmatic objections to unsatisfactory development
    • Advice on public notification documents and preparation
      of submissions/objections
    • Expert testimony in the NSW Land and Environment Court
    • Post-approval/construction management
    • Sub-contracting services
    • Strategic planning studies and research
    • Public consultation and social impact analysis
    • Obtaining Building Certificates
    • Negotiation with approval authorities